Would you like to put Japanese literature first when you go to Japan? How do I learn Japanese? How do I rent the house? Let the Japanese illustrator シロマロ Xiaobai tell you! !


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There is a growing trend among many people who want to try to work abroad, especially in Japan, according to the Ministry of Justice, which puts the total number of Taiwanese in Japan at 58,456 in 2019, 2.56 times as many as in 2012. Of these, only 1,367 Taiwanese obtained work visas in 2012, and by 2018 they had reached 10,000, a nearly sevenfold increase. So how to learn Japanese, drift day will encounter what problems also become want to travel to Japan friends want to solve the problem. After listening toシロマロ Xiaobai (hereinafter referred to as Xiaobai) to share their own experience, Kaku decided to write down the text, so that more people who want to know can refer to this article, the question of drift day can be more direction to find the right answer for themselves. Here's a question-and-answer record

Q: Would you like to send Japanese literature to Japan first?
It is recommended to learn well first, although Japanese did not learn well to go to Japan is also possible, but to spend a little more time to understand, or need to spend more time to adapt to Japanese life will be a bit of a pity, if you learn a good foundation and then go to Japan, you can quickly integrate into the environment, you can also understand the Habits of the Japanese earlier, there will be no language barrier.

Q: How do I find accommodation in Japan?
At first, Taiwan to help the agency to help find, because Japan has many restrictions on leasing, foreigners in the rental will encounter more problems, it is recommended that at the beginning, to find Taiwanese housing Zhong, or have special assistance to deal with the accommodation of foreigners intermediary companies will be more convenient.

Japan, japan, Japanese, Japanese, Japanese, travel, floating
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Q: How did シ Xiaobai learn Japanese?
In addition to reading grammar books and reciting single words, there are roughly five ways to learn Japanese:

1. Sing Japanese songs to practice speed
Singing Japanese songs in addition to can practice mouth, can also practice the smoothness of the text, usually take the faster song to practice, can also be based on their own degree to make choices!

2. Watch the animation imitate the character's lines
Animation, Japanese drama can, Xiaobai is usually to see more daily conversation animation, the characters inside as long as a word will be paused, learn their tone pronunciation, and follow the exit.

3. Dictation animation (progress super fast way!) )
This is suitable for both beginners and people who already have a Japanese base! When the characters in the play say a word on the pause, write down the lines without missing a word, do not understand also does not matter, hear what sound to write what sound.
Youda が maleに Zhen られて, sobbing いちゃって, ってreal artists にwordsしを smell いていたら, うわ! もこんな time!!
What you hear:
Youda が maleに Zhen られて (don't know the meaning),sob いちゃって, って, "don't understand" wordsしを smell いていたら, うわ! もこんな time!!
Can hear but do not know the meaning: look up the dictionary completely do not understand: pull back to listen to a few more times
Although very time-consuming but rapid progress, very recommended for everyone to use!

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4. Play B women's game (Little White Personal Preference)
Play B women's game has sound excellent read lines, you can ask him to repeat the reading, there are Japanese subtitles can see, there are handsome guys can see! Look up the dictionary when the subtitles don't understand and listen to them several times. Xiao Bai started to look up the dictionary, so now you can press AUTO to let him run on his own!

5. To come up with a simple short sentence, it is not possible to tell a long story or story very smoothly.
To overcome this, Xiaobai shares what happens with her boyfriend every day and practices the organization of long sentences in Japanese.

The above is Kaku to help Xiaobai sort out the drift day experience talk, I hope to help you!

Want to see Xiaobai's introduction can be seen here: Taiwan animator and super-human graphic creator – シロマロ Xiaobai

Source:シロマロ Xiaobai's IG

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