Taiwan animator and super-beautiful graphic creator – シロマロ Xiaobai

Photo credit:シロマロ Xiaobai

As the question, this time to introduce is super will be lovely and lovely graphic creator シロマロ Xiaobai, why do you say so? Because Kaku himself was snared several times!

シロマロ Xiaobai, a Native of Taipei, Taiwan, liked to paint at the beginning of high school, and although he entered the design department at university, he had little interest in product design, and since childhood he loved animated ninjas, and became Xiaobai's dream as an animator at Studio Pierrot, an animation company that makes Ninjas. After communicating with his family, I decided to make Japanese literature in Taiwan, check N2 in Japanese, and then go to The Japanese Animation School to study. After the plan was drawn up, from a big start, Xiaobai studied Hard In Japanese, Worked Hard To Save Money, And Prepared For Studying In Japan. To the fourth year, Xiaobai successfully passed the N2, and Japan is in April, in order to adapt to Japanese life more quickly, Xiaobai decided to attend the language school for half a year, and get N1 from it, the same year in September set out for Japan.

In April, XiaoBai successfully entered a special school with animation department, has been self-taught painting, she really began to receive special guidance. After several inaugural events after graduation, she was finally given a job at her current animation company, but still kept her dream of working at Studio Pierrot one day.

It is always very difficult to fight in a foreign country, Xiaobai is no exception, feel lonely outside her, in Dcard posted to share their interaction with her boyfriend, encouraged by netizens, hope Xiaobai can create a drawing account, share life in Japan, become the opportunity for Xiaobai to operate IG, set up a short year of rapid growth of fans, is now nearly 100,000 fans of graphic creators!

shiromaro, シロマロ, Xiao Bai and Jun
Xiao Bai and Jun (Photo:シロマロ Xiaobai).

"It's been four years since I came to Japan to enter my fifth year, and this year has been the busiest and fastest I've ever had!" Every day thinking about what kind of content to po, reply to everyone's messages and private messages, although busy, but suddenly feel that life has a more center of gravity, more things can work hard. Xiaobai in the first anniversary of the founding, with an animation to tell the growth of this year's drawing account, and in Xiaobai side has been supporting me, watching the growth of this animation also followed the red eyes.

In addition to sharing life in Japan, Xiaobai's graphic content is also a highlight of her playful interaction with her boyfriend, Jun Jun, whose words and sweet dialogue directly blind everyone's eyes. In addition, in order to maintain the existing creative quality of fans from different countries, intimate xiaobai will be their own IG powder dedicated to three IG powder to operate, namely:shiromaro_painting (China-Japan painting account),shikamaro0125(Little White's daily),shiromaro_painting_en(English painting), so that fans who do not understand Chinese or Japanese can also understand Xiaobai's daily life.

Peripheral products, shiromaro, シロマロ, phone case
Line theme with rhino shield phone case (Image Source:シロマロ Xiaobai).

Recently, more because of the manufacturer's continuous invitation, coupled with fan expectations and support, from line map to clothing, out of many peripheral products, but also set up their own exclusive website:SHIROMARO シロマロ, so that fans more easily find the surrounding products they want.

"In a foreign country is very lonely, my friends are still very few, but I am very happy to have everyone's company, open the drawing account to interact with everyone has been a big part of my life. Really feel that the establishment of a drawing account, it is very good! Xiao Bai, who was fighting in a foreign land, said with gratitude.

Isn't it touching to see such a lovely and charming style of painting, strong and serious graphic creators? Go to Xiaobai's website and have a look! (Kaku has bought the sticker with a knife first)

Source: Xiao Bai himself

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